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Wildflowers help beautify NJ roadways, rebuild habitats

Just as it was envisioned by Lady Bird Johnson four decades ago, the Garden State Parkway is a showplace for wildflower gardens. These beautiful plantings create havens for birds and butterflies.
The Garden State Parkway Wildflower Planting Program is New Jersey Turnpike Authority's answer to Lady Bird's initiative so many years ago.Planting wildflowers each year on the roadsides, medians, and interchanges of The Garden State Parkway has the combined effect of beautifying the roadways and lending a hand to nature's hardest workers - birds, butterflies, and pollinating insects.  
Now, you can bring these same beautiful Garden State Parkway wildflowers and the accompanying birds, butterflies, and pollination insects to your own yard and garden. As you drive the Garden State Parkway, please keep in mind NJTA’s commitment to making your driving experience as safe, pleasant and beautiful as possible.

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